Welcome to ASEAB

ASSOCIATION FOR SOCIO-ECONOMIC ADVANCEMENT IN BANGLADESH [ASEAB] emerged in 1993 with a dream to bring qualitative changes in the life of the people living in chars. While the char people as a whole are the principal victims of river erosion, floods and other natural calamities, the women, children and physically challenged people are the most vulnerable and marginalized and they are at the heart of ASEABís programmatic interventions.

Core Values

Serve the creations and seek the pleasure of the Creator
Strive for ensuring rights of the poor and the deprived in the development process.
Practice sincerely the culture of good governance, accountability and transparency in organizational activities.
Ensuring participatory decision-making process.

Program And Policy Strategy

  • Searching the root causes of poverty and deprivation and undertaking actions to address them
  • Giving priority to the development needs of the hardcore poor
  • Ensuring local ownership over policy formulation and policy implementation process.
  • Using local resources and indigenous knowledge as social capital