A seven-member Trustee Board is the highest authority to run the organization. The Trustee Board, consisted of highly experienced and reputed professionals, plays the policy level role in the organization. The Trustee Board sits in every two months and gets reorganized in every four years.

At the staff level Senior Management Team [SMT] is highest body that looks after the program implementation. The Team Leader leads the SMT. There are also many sub-committess to ensure maximum participation of staffs in the decision making process, and transparency in the process. The important committees are: gender committee, procurement committee, fund raising committee, recruitment committee, descipline committee. In order to ensure autonomy and independence in functioning of the committees there is specific policy guideline for every committee. It undertakes various initiatives for the betterment of the staffs such as nurishing their potentials, increasing emoluments and benefits and ensuring enabling environment for female staffs.

Board of Trustees

# Name Position Educational Qualification Profession
01 Md Shariful Alam Chairperson MSS in Political Science and MSc. In Urban Environmental Management Service and professional Researcher, Facilitator / Trainer
02 Abdul Mazid Secretary B.Com Journalist and Social Service
03 Fahmida Nigar Treasurer MA in History Social Service
04 Kazi Minhazul Alam Member M.Com. in Management Teaching and social service
05 Mazid Mahmood Member MA in Bangla Journalism and Social Service
06 Md Yasin Ali Khan Member SSC Farming, Business and Social Service
07 Dewan Kanis Nima Member M.Com. in Accounting Teaching and social service

Financial Management

At the heart of ASEABís financial management are transparency, accountability and economical expenditure policy. It has a financial manual and that is practiced meticulously. All transactions are made through banks. Procurement committee plays vital role in procuring goods and services. At the end of every financial year income and expenditure are audited. Moreover, internnal audit team checks expenditure and income routine basis.