Infrastructure And Training Facilities

The head office is premised with modern training facilities at Bharara Union under the Sadar Upazilla of Pabna district in a beautiful natural environmental setup. The construction of multi-storied ASEAB Complex in an area of two-acres of land in Khaierbagan area of the same Union is underway. The Complex contains various facilities and the major ones are: residential training facilities with modern equipments for 60 persons,
IGA training center, health education and training center with special provision for the female adolescents, mothers and children, and library, information and community centers for the rural poor people. ASEAB has 8 [eight] field offices in Dhaka City Corporation and various districts such as Mymensingh, Sherpur, and Natore. ASEAB field offices also have the provision of modern training.

Community Resource Center and Flood Shelter

ASEAB has built a community resource center and flood shelter on the char land of the mighty river Padma to provide shelter to about 400 families during flood season. The shelter provides various services such as community center, agriculture and marketing information services and health center. Moreover, it has a big engine-boat to facilitate rescue efforts during flood or other natural calamities such as river erosion. The boat can carry 150 persons at a time.

Central Training Cell

ASEAB has a central training cell involving a good number of expert trainers. The trainers are conversant with modern training approaches and methods including participatory training. The Cell has adequate training manuals on various issues particularly PRA, project management, ToT, gender, disaster management, CBO management, safe water and sanitation, primary and reproductive health, nutrition and food security, agriculture and income generating skill etc. It has two training venues with residential facilities for 60 trainees. Modern training equipments like multimedia projector, overhead projector, and laptop are also available to ensure effective training environment. It has residential accommodation for 6o trainees.